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Natural Mallorca: Birding Calvia

A range of picturesque walking routes and the wildlife to be seen along them.

Mallorca really does have something for everybody; beaches, resorts, sports, entertainment, shopping and relaxing. If you read the British press at the moment you'd be forgiven for thinking that the organised debauchery by numbers in Magaluf was pretty much the sum total of Mallorca activities.

Clearly it isn't, and just to prove that there's so much more to it, here's a new intitiative by Calvia council, where Magaluf is situated. It's a guide called Birding Calvia which aims to get visitors to the area out and about to see its most beautiful, picturesque corners and at the same time learn about its fascinating history, and birdlife.

griffon vulture in mallorca

Ornithologically speaking, Calvia is on the migratory routes of birds the world over and almost 200 different species can be seen here at different times of the year. If you click into the guide you'll find a list of all the birds that you're likely to see, the best months to see them, the type of habitat they prefer (Olive grove, Oak grove, Maquis shrubland for example) and the best routes to follow where they are most likely to be.

The guide has been really well put together by experts over a long period of time and really does succeed in raising awareness of Calvia's natural attractions; not only the scenery and birdlife, but also wildflowers, insects, butterflies and interesting historical vestiges like lime and carbon kilns.

There are 15 different routes all planned out specifically for bird watching, but these also include other interesting sites along the way and take visitors, along coastal paths, cliffs, fileds of corn, pine forests, hills and valleys. The degree of difficulty for th ewalk and a map is also shown along with a list of birds that will probably be seen depending on the time of year.

I'm not a bird watcher myself but the walks do sound really interesting, as does the information and photos of the birds. Here are just a few examples of species that can be seen; Griffon vulture (photo,) Stone Curlew, Eurasian Skylark, Fan-tailed Warbler, and because we're near Magaluf, the European Shag!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.