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Craft beer and Swing festival

Sant Llorenç de Cadassar hosts a swinging beer and tapas fest.

Great music, great food and, tah-dah, craft beer make for a great evening's entertainment in Mallorca. The venue is the charming little village of Sant Llorenç de Cadassar over towards the east coast of the island and really easy to get to for those staying in the nearby resorts of Cala Millor, Cala Bona, Sa Coma and Puerto Cristo.

church square, sant llorenc

The village is celebrating its saint's day (San Lorenzo 10th August) and as part of the fun a local craft beer company, Boscana Cervesa, has organised this particular evening. Next Thursday, 13th August from 20:00, the town hall square will come alive as around 30 craft beers from all over Mallorca and Spain will be available for quaffing.

If you're a regular reader, or like me, a beer fiend, you'll know some of the brews making an appearance; Forastera from Es Molinar, Cas Cerveser from Puigpunyent, Cerveza Nau from Santa Maria, Sullerica from Soller, and from 'abroad' Espiga from Barcelona and Bidassoa from San Sebastian. Sounds like a cornucopia of goodness, and an ideal accompaniment to the selection of tapas for all at reasonable prices.

As we all know, it don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing, so to provide a perfect addition to the beer, the music and dancing that's taking Mallorca by storm, the swing style of the 30's and 40's will be played live on stage by Long Time No Swing and Boc, with a DJ set by Sr Anderson.

church square, sant llorenc

Sounds like fun, now all I need to do is remember where I left my zoot suit the last time I went to a swingers' club (erm swing the music, not swinging, the gregarious social pastime!)

See you there?