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Mallorca grape harvest begins

The Macia Batle winery predicts a good harvest and excellent wine

Wine's big business on Mallorca these days with some really well regarded brews being produced for export all over the world, yet it's a business which still keeps friendly, local traditions. Over at Macia Batle bodega in Santa Maria del Cami, which is part of the Binissalem DO, they still make a 'family' occasion of the most important part of the year, the start of the grape harvest in August.

macia batle vineyard, mallorca

Friends, family, and workers get together for a slap up breakfast, a bit of entertainment courtesy of a band, and then off to the vineyards where the boss, Sebastiá Rubí, ceremonially cuts the first bunch of grapes off the vine. These days things are a very modern from then on with automatic harvesters and the most up to date production methods taking over from a pair of pruners and lots of bare feet treading the grapes!

Predictions for the harvest and future wine are good as the year has been dry but with a sudden surge (a deluge actually) of rainfall a couple of weeks ago which is somehow good for the grapes. The Macia Batle vines alone will yield one million kilos of grapes, 150,000 of which are Chardonnay along with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and others.

The grapes will mainly be used to produce red wine, about 55% of the total, with 30% white, and 15% rose and all, because of the late rain, of much better quality than last year. If you fancy trying some, accompanied by some tasty tidbits from the deli, you can visit the bodega for a guided tour and a tasting of 4 different wines for only €10, which is extremely good value just for the wine alone. Details of the times of the visits (in Spanish, English, German and Russian) can be found on the Macia Batle website.

If the name sounds familiar to you, it's because we've written about them before here on Mallorca Spotlight, because not only do they take great care with their excellent product, but they also package it extremely artistically, with some real works of art on the labels.

macia batle wine bottle art

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