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Mini Mozart at the Castle

Don Giovanni at Bellver Castle

If you like opera and you like a spectacular setting then head for Bellver Castle, high above Palma, in September. Mozart's musical tale of a lothario who meets a timely end is going to be performed there on September 5th at 20:30, but it's not the grandiose production that Wolfy wrote for the full orchestra back in 1787.

don giovanni at bellver castle

There are a couple of major differences; this version will be sung to the accompaniment of a piano only and no other instruments at all, which means it can use smaller venues, and the opera is set in Andalucia, not Italy.

Other than that, we'll experience some fine singing, some moments of comedy, melodrama and supernatural elements in the Opera Buffa style from the local cast who've performed all over Europe. Unlike the original cast for the Opera's premier in Prague who only received the completed score the day before the performance as Mozart was a bit tardy at the time.

If you fancy going, make a few crib notes on the story, as the subtitles will translate the original Italian into Spanish and Catalan, and book your tickets online to get a bit of a discount. It's €15 in advance - www.generaltickets.com - and €18 on the door.