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Balearia goes green

To Mallorca – by gas powered ferry

Balearia, the big ferry company which serves the Balearic Islands, connecting them with each other and the mainland, is to construct two new state of the art ferries which will be powered by natural gas. The company has a commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and in the past has removed the super fast ferries from certain routes for this very reason.

Balearia has signed an agreement with a Spanish shipyard, LaNaval in the Basque country, to build the ferries which will be the first two ever in Spain. Costing around €350 million, they'll also be the biggest, most modern ferries to be built in the country – 225 metres long by 30 wide and will reduce emissions by 30%.

The construction is expected to start in 2016 with the first ferry being completed by early 2018. It's unlikely that most readers of Mallorca Spotlight news will ever take one of these big ferries and would be more likely to fly in from one of the many European airports linked to Palma though these boats will still play a big part in their holiday.

Not only do the ferries carry passengers, they are also the most important method of bringing almost everything that local people and tourists need in Mallorca - food, consumer goods and industrial supplies to name just a few are packed into hundreds of wagons arriving every day.

So well done to Balearia for their investment in their and our futures, and in the interests of fairness, I should mention that the other ferry company serving the Balearic Islands is Trasmediterranea.