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Gastro Mallorca – Palma food fests

Seafood from Galicia and tapas all over Palma

Lucky visitors to Palma can get to visit two fabulous food fests this month if they time it just right. For practically the whole of October the Maris Galicia marquee is in town promoting Galician seafood – the best in Spain – brought straight from the cold waters of the Atlantic on the country's north west coast near Portugal. Add to this the four day annual TaPalma tapas bonanza at the end of the week and it's a recipe for foodie heaven.

maris galicia sea food fest

Let's start with Maris Galicia, the fifth visit of the enormous marquee to Palma to show off the seafood of the area flown in fresh every day to you really get the taste of the sea! There'll be seafood and shellfish aplenty, all ideally washed down with refreshingly dry chilled albariño wine and Estrella Galicia beer. As an extra tempter, they're giving away free shots of Queimada, the powerful alcoholic punch served flaming so you can warm your hands after cradling an ice cold beer all night.

It's on until 25th October, from 12:30 to 16:30 and 19:30 to 23:30 every day in the marquee at Carrer Puerto Rico 15, Poligono de Levante near Portixol in Palma.

For smaller bites on the move and convivial eating, TaPalma is the perfect way to sample lots of food at very economical prices and never get bored. This year, as always, the lovely people at the restaurants association who organise the event, have grouped the eateries into easily followed geographical routes to ensure the minimum of walking and the maximum eating and drinking. They've even devised some inter route routes so you can continue to gourmandise whilst swapping areas!

TaPalma starts this Thursday, 8th October and continues each afternoon and evening (with a break for a well earned siesta) until Sunday 11th which, purely by coincidence, is followed by a national holiday when nobody has to get up for work!

tapas from the tapalma food fest

TaPalma's Facebook page has more information on the routes with maps, names and addresses of all the tapas bars.