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Virtual Assistance at Palma Airport

Digital help for travellers at the security gates of Palma Airport

These days it just seems to get more and more complicated to pass through the security checks at the world's airports. Belts off, computers out, liquids in a bag, boots off; the list is confusing and growing. Most airports employ staff to help us along the way, keep the queues down and generally speed up procedures.

Great, but staff get tired, have bad days and cost a lot to keep a post manned 24/365. The answer to all of these problems is automation, and Palma airport has just joined the ranks of the many airports in the world which are now 'employing' a virtual assistant to aid its passengers.

tensator virtual assistant ultra

Both the main North and South security controls in Palma now have a “Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra” which has the appearance of a young blonde lady which springs into life as people pass by. She tells travellers just what they should do and can speak four languages – Spanish, Catalan, German and English – though don't ask me how she knows where we all come from!

The use of such an assistant is part of Palma airport's all encompassing 150 point improvement plan and will be quite palatable to those of us used to taking instructions from the likes of Siri, Cortana and Sat Nav. Our photo, courtesy of Tensator, is the virtual assistant at Luton Airport, in case you were wondering why she wasn't blonde.