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Save our watchtower

The watchtower of Cala Figuera in danger of collapse

One of Mallorca's old stone built watchtowers is in danger of collapse unless badly needed repairs aren't carried out soon. It's the tower of Cala Figuera, at the very southern tip of Calvia, built in 1579 and one of six fortifications that were constructed to defend against riding pirates or corsairs from the Ottoman Empire's Barbary Coast.

torre de cala figuera

Around that time, Palma was on one of the main Mediterranean trade routes and the pirates raided both the ships carrying rich pickings between Spain, France, Italy and beyond, and the coastal areas of Mallorca, carrying the population off into slavery.

Obviously the tower hasn't been used for its original defensive purpose for many years, but it is still considered an important part of the island's history and heritage and has been declared officially as of 'good cultural interest,' roughly equivalent to a listed building in Britain.

However, the 8.5 metre high tower is not in good structural condition - a fact first documented in 1750 – and over the last 20 years its condition has deteriorated rapidly until to the point where officials believe that it is in danger of collapse. The problem is that the tower is in private hands and its owner has ignored all pleas and instructions from the local council. Preservation groups and the island authorities to do anything.

Now the director of the Island Heritage department, Kika Coll, has urged all parties to get together and bring some order out of the chaos and work together to bring the tower back to its former condition.

Situated right on the coast close to the lighthouse, it has – as you'd expect – commanding views of the sea and coastline and is well worth a visit. Not only is it a part of Mallorca's history but it's a great place to sit and watch today's seafaring traffic of big ferries, cargo ships and luxury cruisers pass by.


Our photo is courtesy of Peptorro on Wikimedia.