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Soller on Follett

Soller church on Follet book cover 

In an ironic twist, one of Mallorca's fine old buildings has recently appeared on a book sleeve as a perfect example of the plot within and to prove that you can tell a book by its cover!

follett - un mundo sin fin

The book is Ken Follett's World Without End, his 2007 sequel to his famous 1989 opus, The Pillars of the Earth, and the cover features the facade of Soller's San Bartolome church. The church's belltower has been used to create a mysterious, glowering image to illustrate the Spanish paperback version of the book, Un Mundo sin Fin.

Set in the 14th century, a time of war, pestilence, plague and more war, there's a sub theme bubbling away about the building and repair of a mighty cathedral in the mythical town of Kingsbridge. Follett had been inspired by Vitoria's Santa Maria cathedral in the Basque country and is so revered there because of this connection that they have erected a statue in his honour.

As you can see from our before and after photo of the book cover and the real church, it's a a good choice to illustrate a work set in the not so merry middle ages as both San Bartolome and Santa Maria churches were constructed at the same time – the 13th century.

The irony which I refer to is that, the facade of Soller's church was completely reformed in the era in which most of the town's 'modernist' buildings were constructed and is Architect Joan Rubio's 1904 version of a Neo-Gothic bell tower.

These days the church is not alone presiding over Soller's main square, accompanied by the Soller Bank (another Rubio creation) and the town hall, the Plaza is abuzz with activity, day and night, as people, meet, drink coffee and the old trams rattle by.

It's a lovely place to visit on a day trip, or as a break or main holiday – if you go, have a look at its wonderful architecture.