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Soller Swing Sunday

Nostalgic music, local crafts and products and food trucks

The main square of Soller will be an even greater hive of activity than usual this Sunday as a special Swing day is held in the town. Swing, the big band music of the 30's and 40's is having a bit of a renaissance in Mallorca with clubs, bands and events all over the island and this Sunday sees perhaps the biggest shindig so far.

A craft and local products market will be taking place all day around the plaza and for those of us who get a little peckish, Mallorca's by now well known convoy of food trucks will be pulling into town to sell all sorts of goodies and unlike in the golden era of Swing music, there won't be any rationing!

glissando big band

Now to the main event, the music, and it's not just happening in Soller. The thoughtful organisers of the event have arranged special prices for the famous Palma to Soller train – only €6 return from 10:00 – and there's a free live band thrown in too. Monkey Doo will be bringing their instruments to entertain one and all on the 'Swing Train' as it winds through the picturesque countryside and long tunnels through the mountains to Soller.

In Soller itself, there are dance lessons for the Jive, Jitterbug and Lindyhop courtesy of the Mallorca Swing Association at 12.00 and hopefully we'll all be able to put our new footwork skills to the test at 13:00 when the Glissando Big Band (photo) play and from 15:00 when DJ Oh My Swing spins the 78s!

Sounds like really good fun, doesn't it? And a nice way to pass away a few energetic hours in the autumn sunshine! Right, now where did I put my Zoot suit?

Hi-dee hi-dee hi-dee hi!