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Andratx through the lens

Andratx according to its people

What better way to give people a sense of 'belonging' than to consult them on the issues of the day be that the musicians to play at the biggest fiesta of the year, or the illustrations in the annual calendar. Well the latter is just what Andratx Council used to motivate its citizens to participate in local life by inviting them to submit photos of the area for the calendar.

The idea to do this originated a year ago – people submitted their photos to Andratx's Facebook page and the 12 photos with the most 'likes' were published – and was so successful that it's being repeated this year.

The Calendar is professionally produced and printed and given out free around the borough and if you look at the photos I've put on our gallery, this year's shots are really good. The only rules are that all the photos had to be taken in Andratx whether with a super duper camera or a mobile phone, and even 'photoshopping' was allowed!

climbing in andratx

Hmmmm. Real or Photoshopped?

Over 200 people sent in their snaps and as you can see, they're great adverts for the stunningly beautiful area which is a fabulous holiday spot attracting mature quality tourism to Mallorca. Take a look at our resort guide for an overview of the area and its fine accommodation.