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Countdown to 2016

Palma town hall clock ready for its most important night of the year

When you're over 150 years old and your biggest night of the year is coming up, you've got to be in tip top condition. Council bosses ordered a complete overhaul and 15,000 bong service for the town hall clock and bells so that they could ring in the New Year in perfect working order tonight in Palma.

en figuera, palma town hall clock

The clock, known as En Figuera was installed in 1863 and has undergone quite a few revisions since then and is now under the watchful eye of Pere Caminals from the Relojería Española who's been looking after it for decades. He's spent the last few weeks ensuring that everything goes like clockwork tonight during En Figuera's most important task of the year.

The big New Year's tradition in Spain is to eat 12 grapes at midnight, one for each chime of the bell, to bring good luck for the next 12 months. Thousands of people normally gather in the town hall square – The Plaza de Cort – where a big party is held before and after the chimes. Now, the good news is that because the clock mechanism is so old, it takes almost one minute to strike 12 times, so eating the grapes in time is a piece of cake!

This year two bands will be providing the entertainment; La Movida band are on from 23:00 until the chimes and then play again along with The Watermelons until the wee small hours when hot chocolate is served for all!

Our photos, courtesy of Palma Council's Twitter account show Pere Caminals in action and his view of the clock face.

palma town hall clock maintenance

Happy New Year everybody, and see you in 2016.