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Free unlimited WiFi at Mallorca Airport

Stay connected and stay in touch at Palma Airport

The Spanish Airports Authority AENA has just enabled a completely free and unlimited WiFi service at all its airports in the country. This vital service is still run by the digital communications company Kubi Wireless and is a vast improvement on the last service that was offered.

wifi at palma airport

Previously, the airports had provided a free 15 minute service – just enough time to check your mails and messages – which was then increased to 30 minutes, a step in the right direction. Kubi reported that wireless Internet use in its airports had shot through the roof over the period that the time limited free service was offered so the airports authority decided to give unlimited air time to its passengers.

So, from now on, there'll be no rushing with frantic fingers over your keyboard to get all your messages and check-ins sorted before you have to start paying for extra Internet time, and better still, the connection speed is now FOUR times faster! A premium pay service still remains for those passengers who need massive capacity and velocity on their Internet connection.

It's an enormous step in the right direction of customer service by AENA and puts Spain at the forefront of airport free WiFi provision. Let's face it, these days we just can't live without our mobile devices to stay in touch for business or pleasure so well done to the Spanish. So next time you're off to Palma airport, give me three rings to let me know you've got there OK!