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Save Son Serra beach

Popular protest against new bars on a virgin beach

Most of Mallorca's more than 250 beaches are commercialised in some way or another, be it sun loungers, pedalos or small beach bars, with only a handful being completely virgin and unspoiled. One such beautiful beach – and I really mean that – is at Son Serra de Marina on the north coast of the island, 11 km from Can Picafort.

son serra de marina beach

Totally natural, it stretches for some 450 metres and is on average around 150 metres wide, and enjoys absolutely fantastic views of the whole Bay of Alcudia from the mountainous Cap de Farrutx in Arta to Alcudia and the Tramuntana mountains. Mostly sand with the odd rocky outcrop, the beach is a favourite with visiting and local families and young surfer dudes who come to take advantage of the occasionally strong wind and waves here.

It has been described as one of the last paradises of Mallorca, but there's trouble brewing. The local council, Santa Margalida, has applied for permission to construct one or more Chiringuitos (little beach shack bars) on the beach. As all beaches in Spain are public and administered by the Coastal Authority, Costas, their permission is required before anything can be done.

Already a petition has been started by the local citizenry on their Facebook page to prevent the beach bars, and has garnered thousands of signatures in just a few days. It calls for Son Serra beach to be left just as it is; “a natural, unspoiled, sustainable, timeless beach... Without artificial constructions!”

These days Chiringuitos are eco-friendly temporary constructions which are designed to compliment their environment and do as little harm as possible, however there are already a gaggle of bars and restaurants close by the beach in the urbanisation which runs along it and it is argued that there should be some beaches on the island left in their pristine unspoiled state. What do you think?

Interestingly, when the land by the beach was sold to construct the housing estate (urbanisation) in the 1970's, one of the stipulations of the sale was that the public were not allowed to have mixed bathing in the sea, men and women had to bathe separately! Anyone found breaking this heinous rule – it was in Franco's time- had to attend 50 masses in the local church!

Nowadays this rule isn't applied and everybody can frolic in the sea together!