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Free Charge Station for Palma

Charge your mobile phone or tablet battery for free

I see them everywhere - on the train, on the bus, in shops, restaurants, you name it – people with chewed nails, worried looks, facial tics, sufferers from battery anxiety. The 21st
century's most irksome syndrome, fear of losing your mobile phone battery charge, whose symptoms grow worse as that little battery symbol on your moby drains down and down and down.

Well fear not, because help is at hand in Palma thanks to two young entrepreneurs from Mallorca, Felipe Frade and Juan Ferrà, who have installed a free mobile phone and tablet charging station in
the Plaza España with the help of SFM, the Mallorca train service.

Situated at the top of the escalators outside Palma's Intermodal rail and bus station, the Free Charge Station delivers a rapid charge to almost any phone or tablet courtesy of its different
connectors and it doesn't cost users a cent! The station itself uses solar panels to supply the juice to your battery on a 24/7 basis and is designed to blend in with the other street architecture.

The site by the busy rail and bus terminal was chosen because of the high footfall in the area and the two young businessmen hope that the idea will catch on elsewhere. The future seems bright for
the pair as their plans also include using the charging stations to supply free Wi-Fi beams and tourist information to both visitors and locals in the 'intelligent cities' of the country.

Good luck and well done Felipe and Juan.