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Mallorca shopping: Monge shoes

Make a lasting impression wearing Monge shoes from Mallorca

In these days of high street homogeneity it can sometimes be difficult to stand out from the crowd in the fashion stakes but thanks to Monge shoes in Palma, men about town (sorry ladies) can stride about with a confident, individual air, clad in some of the finest footwear on the planet.

Hidden away in a tiny, tree-lined square - Plaça Banc de L’Oli, 2 – the shop is a temple to the shoe gods of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style. Established in 2012 by Pedro Monge who had previously worked for Camper, Monge shoes have taken the style world by storm with their handcrafted production and classic design with a twist.

All the shoes are given men's names and the range contains all the traditional styles; brogues, loafers, derbies, monks and boots, all given a fashionable individuality by the shoes of colour and different materials – tweed for example – to make the pairfect footwear for 'style conscious guys.'

Technically, the shoes are handmade using the best materials available and the last is left inside the shoe just long enough to give it increased durability and the most comfortable experience when wearing it. And let's face it, with the hundreds of years of shoemaking here in Mallorca, they know how to make a great pair of shoes!

Now, all this skill, style and luxury comes at a price. Monge's shoe range averages about €400 a pair but, treated properly, will 'last' a lifetime and be an exceptional addition to any man's wardrobe and the perfect souvenir of a trip to the island.

So, if you want to put your right foot forward in the style stakes and buy a pair of these fabulous shoes then the best way to do it is book a quick weekend to Palma, pick up a pair in the shop, then glide confidently about some of the city's upmarket eateries and cocktail bars showing them off – though my tip would be don't go overboard and park your feet on the table in the likes of Brassclub, Weyler, or Abaco.

Alternatively, they can be bought online

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