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Observing Mallorca from afar

Mallorca really can be seen from Barcelona

Even though Mallorca is 190 km from Barcelona it can still be seen clearly under certain meteorological conditions which, luckily for us, are prevalent at this time of year. Last year we wrote
about a photo taken from the Fabra Observatory in Barcelona which showed the mountains of the Sierra Tramuntana seen across the city but which was declared to be a "http://www.mallorca-spotlight.com/news/2013/fata_mallorca.htm">Fata Morgana or mirage.

Well, just this Monday evening, boffins at the observatory, which is part of the university and studies the weather, the stars and earthquake activity, took another photo which they insist is the
actual image of Mallorca.

Spokesman Alfons Puertas says that from the Observatory's altitude, 420 metres above sea level, it is possible to see Mallorca's mountains, despite the earth's curvature. He also says that weather
and other conditions were perfect; clear air, dry winds from the east so that humidity doesn't diminish the visibility, and low level light emissions from the city at sunset.

All these conditions come together on average around a dozen or so times a year, but only in 'winter' and never in summer when the air is too humid. Sr Puertas also says that it's possible to see
Barcelona from Mallorca, but only from a high mountain!