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Mallorca on film

More and more films, adverts and TV programmes being filmed in Mallorca

No matter when you are in Mallorca, there's a good chance that some of your fellow visitors will hard at work filming a TV programme, advert or movie as last year alone there were 469 'filming
days' on the island. These media companies are drawn to Mallorca for exactly the same reasons as we tourists and holidaymakers – it's fantastic and has a bit of everything.

Apart from the massive advantage of having great weather for most of the year, Palma Film Office – the official body to promote and administer filming here – points to the following advantages
which could equally be used by the tourist authorities;

Infrastructures: easy and efficient travel and transport links – harbours, airport, hotels, roads and public transport.

Locations: The historical centre of Palma, green and natural areas and ancient sites dating back thousands of years.

Mediterranean paradise: hundreds of beaches and a massive coastline, yacht clubs, marinas and 314 days of sunshine each year.

Natural areas: Snow capped mountains, lush valleys, acres of pine forest, marshes and inland lakes.

Last year 137 filmings took place which brought millions of Euros to the coffers of the island as most companies tend to hire equipment and technical staff from the large expertise and service pool
which already exists in Mallorca. They also hire all the extras here and the cosmopolitan population is a big advantage, especially when the production is set – as in the case of the captain Morgan
adverts – in far flung places like the Caribbean.

Palma Film Office was set up to ease the way for film companies to come to the island, get the relevant permits
to film, close streets off, use public buildings etc and has a large gallery of location shots of buildings, public spaces, and natural areas (just like a holiday portal) to entice users in. and it
seems to be working as there was an 11% increase in the number of films in 2014 over 2013.

So next time you're watching the TV, you just might recognise somewhere you've been in Mallorca!