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Pollensa wine fair XII

36 bodegas and 350 wines for just €10

The 12th annual Pollensa wine fair takes place this weekend in the ancient walls of the town's Sant Domingo cloister when around 4,000 people are expected to attend during the two days.
The organisers, Vi Primitiu, have brought together 36 of Mallorca's bodegas who'll be bringing along 350 different bottles of wine for a grateful public to sample.

It's a chance for the bodega's to actually gauge the reaction of the consumer to their product and of course, a chance for us, the public, to try the wines at remarkably cheap prices. It costs only
€10 to get in and this price includes a wine glass, a brochure with the details of all the wines and a €3 discount on any bottle of wine purchased at the fair!

Josep Bibiloni, spokesman for the organisers has given the following advice, and I paraphrase, 'make your choice of wines from the brochure before you go in, because you'll never get through all
350 in a weekend.' Wise words indeed, and ones I shall adhere to, particularly at 10 o'clock on the Sunday morning.

The main characteristic of Mallorcan wine, is its range. Differences in climate, altitude, soil and so on give the wine produced here a vast range of taste and bouquet, so there's something to suit
everybody. Originally brought by the Romans, the grapes and production of wine on the island soon found fame for their quality and the philosopher Pliny the Elder waxed lyrical about Balearic wine
being every bit as good as Italian wine over 2000 years ago.

Well, if the thoughts of Pliny don't attract you in for a tipple, I don't know what else will. Opening hours are 10:00 to 20:30 on Saturday 18th April and 10:00 to 14:00 on Sunday
19th April with the last admission one hour before closing time.

Bottoms up!