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Almond Blossom Special

Mallorca's pinky white coating of almond blossom is early this year

One of nature's spectacularly beautiful free shows is early this year. The thousands and thousands of olive trees which seem to cover vast areas of Mallorca are blossoming early because of the heat.

Normally, the extremely delicate pinky white flowers appear on the trees towards the end of January each year and because of their enormous quantity give an appearance of recently fallen snow over the plains and valleys. It's a sight which is quite literally breathtaking.

Almond trees like heat, and they don't need much cold to thrive, and this year has seen an abundance of hot weather both throughout the summer when there were endless days of over 30 degree heat and over the last couple of months, which is more important to the trees.

The higher than normal temperatures – it was positively balmy in Palma just before Christmas – have provoked the blossom to appear about 20 days earlier than normal, which means it's springing out all over at this very moment.

almond trees

Anywhere in the countryside from the Sierra Tramuntana area to the east coast will have a magnificent display of spectacular floration, but it's said that the best place to view it is from the Puig de Randa, and it's easy to see why.

The puig (it means hill) erupts to a height of over 500 metres from the miles and miles of flat plain, known as Es Pla, all around. Covered in almond trees, the sight from on high is wonderful to say the least, and just for good measure, there are not one, but two, religious sanctuaries up there as well!

It gets better, because if you fancy having a long look at the almond blossom surrounding the are, there's a lovely hotel with a great restaurant and views from the terrace. Take a look at the Hotel Es Reco de Randa, it could be just what you're looking for on a relaxing break to Mallorca.