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Mallorca's clean waters

Mallorca's beaches have 'excellent' seawater quality

When millions of tourists visit Mallorca every summer and most of them take a dip in the sea, the authorities have to be very careful that the cleanliness of the waters around the coast is maintained. All throughout the summer season from May to October a team of inspectors from the public health department visits Mallorca's main beaches – 115 of them – to test the waters.

calo des moro, mallorca

The boffins make a weekly check on the cleanliness of the beach itself, the clarity of the water, any bits of rubbish floating about and most importantly, a chemical analysis of the the seawater for any bacterial infections. Over the season 1128 inspections were carried out and the good, or should I say excellent, news is that throughout the period 97 of the beaches scored an excellent for the quality of their seas. Furthermore, 12 were good, 4 sufficient and only 2 insufficient!

If a beach scores an insufficient, the water is given a more rigorous analysis to find the cause of the problem and the local authority duly informed so it can take action immediately, so we can rest assured that the water quality is back up to scratch very quickly.

I've selected a photo from our library of the type of beach many of dream of when on holiday – warm blue seas, soft sand, and not that many people about. It's Calo des Moro on the south east coast of Mallorca near Santanyi, a favourite with independent travellers.