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More water for Palma

Palma pipes in more water because of the lack of rain

The dry weather in Mallorca last year has been great for the tourists but not so good for everyone else as water supplies are now running low. The main problem is of course in the Palma area, the main centre of population where there is a great demand in a comparatively small area.

gorg blau, mallorca

The city's water supply comes from three sources; wells, the seawater desalination plant and the two big reservoirs, Cuber and Gorg Blau (photo) up in the Sierra Tramuntana. At this moment both reservoirs are at less than 30% of their capacity and present a very different picture, with lots of exposed dried mud on show, than our photograph.

Emaya, Palma's water supply authority, has had to take costly emergency measures so that we can all take our weekly bath on Friday night by purchasing more than four times the normal amount of desalinated water from the government. Costing €5.7 million, the amount of water they've had to buy in would fill both Cuber and Gorg Blau immediately!

Both reservoirs really are picturesque when full and are a great attraction for hikers and day trippers out to enjoy the fresh air and mountain scenery and are equipped with picnic tables and the like to make a pleasant afternoon at any time of year.

Well, let's hope it rains soon (but not when the tourists are here!)