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Palma Cathedral light spectacular

Big biannual natural light spectacular in the cathedral next week

If you're in Mallorca next week and don't mind an early morning, then get along to Palma Cathedral at around 08:00 on Tuesday to a spectacular show made just by sunlight.

Twice a year the alignment of the Earth and sun where Palma cathedral is situated is such that when the sunlight beams in through the giant stained glass rose window on the facade of the cathedral, a multi-coloured rose is projected onto the opposite wall directly below the other rose window.

It's amazing just to think of how complicated the design and engineering of the cathedral were to achieve this, but absolutely incredible when you realise that this spectacle happens on two very specific days! They're the Saints' days of Candelaria and San Martin de Tours, whose dates are 2/2 and 11/11, both of whose digits add up to 4!

Don't ask me how they did it all those hundreds of years ago, but just go along to appreciate what is known as “L'espectacle del vuit,” or in English The Spectacle of the Eight because the two roses form the shape of an 8 as you'll see in the video.

The Cathedral opens at 08:00 for visitors and the mass of la Candelaria starts after the show at 09:15.