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Record year at Mallorca Airport

Nearly 24 million passengers at Son Sant Joan

Palma de Mallorca's airport, Son Sant Joan, has surpassed all previous passenger numbers and had a record year for arrivals and departures. The exact figure of passengers who used the airport in 2015 was 23,745,131, and incredible number which makes Palma the third busiest airport in all Spain.

As you'd expect, Madrid, the country's capital and biggest city was first (47m) in the list, followed by the number two city, Barcelona (40m) and Palma was miles in front of Malaga, in 4th with 14 million passengers.

palma de mallorca airport

So, 2015 breaks the record set in 2014 with over half a million more passengers which means an increase of 2.7%. Aena, the airports authority have provides an exact breakdown of every airport that passengers came from or flew to with the Spanish airports of Barcelona and Madrid sharing 3 million passengers almost equally between them.

From then on the majority of passengers were from a host of German and British airports with many millions of passengers between them, reflecting just how popular Mallorca is with those two nationalities.

For me ,the most interesting thing was the statistics from the small airports and airfields where commercial flights do not originate so show the number of passengers flying in and out on private jets, whose numbers are increasing rapidly year on year.

The stats show wealthy passengers from airports as diverse as St Tropez, Havana, Sao Paulo, Rimini, Kiev, Bahrain, Denver, Bangkok, Baku, Miami and Cape Town to name just a few!

Bear in mind that this doesn't mean that nearly 24 million people came to Mallorca, more like 11 million as most would be on return flights and of course people from Mallorca use the airport to go on holiday etc. Nevertheless 11 million tourists is an excellent number, and one which looks like it may increase this year if preliminary bookings are anything to go by.