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Mallorca Mountain Rescue

Take care when out hiking

The mountainous regions of Spain are enormously popular with both the Spanish and foreigners for their recreational activities like climbing, hiking, and canyoning in the summer months and of course skiing in the winter. The Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada, and Picos de Europa immediately spring to mind and here in Mallorca we have our very own Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range.It's a tremendously popular area with hikers all throughout the year because of its ease of access, beautiful scenery, varied accommodation and great places to eat in its towns and villages. It's also the area where the Guardia Civil's Mountain Rescue team have been called out on many occasions, putting it third in the list of call outs by the Guardia last year, behind only Aragon and Andalucia.

The majority of the Guardia's actions were to help people who had been injured, lost or trapped, not in the pursuit of climbing or equally risky activities, but hiking where accidents – a slip, a fall, loss of footing – can happen unexpectedly or when physical problems or illness occur. However, despite this, the Guardia say that the main reason for being called out is by people who have overestimated their own abilities – walking too far, climbing too high and so on.

guardia civil mountain rescue

So, what to our mountain rescuers recommend that we do to minimise their interventions? Here's their ten point plan;

Make sure you have studied the area where you are going

Don't go alone

Plan well in advance

Tell someone where and when you are going

Check the weather forecasts

Take the correct clothing and equipment

Don't overestimate your capabilities

Make sure you have knowledge and equipment of first aid

Take plenty of food

Take a mobile phone with a fully charged battery

In the event of an accident tell the emergency services (Tel 112) where you are and as many details as possible. If you have a smart phone you can use an app called MY112 which uses the GPS system to give the rescue services your exact location.

So, follow the Guardia's advice, and like the vast majority of people who come to enjoy the Sierra every year, you'll have a safe and extremely pleasant time!