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Mallorca's mild winter weather

Extremely mild weather means boom and bust for Mallorca businesses

Even by Mallorcan standards the weather so far this 'winter' has been extremely mild. It really has been t-shirt temperatures on many afternoons throughout December, January and February and only interspersed with the odd cold spell for a couple of days.

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If you're from the colder climes of more northerly countries you would have found the weather in Mallorca an absolute tonic for a winter break and indeed many Mallorcans themselves are revelling in the higher temperatures. The bar and restaurant sector are cock a hoop because those of them with outside terraces have seen their takings increase on last year by an average 25% with some even doubling their turnover. Great for the owners and great for the staff as numbers employed over the winter are 12% up on last year.

The downside of the warm weather has manifested itself in the clothes shops of the island where sales are down. Shop windows full of overcoats, parkas and sweaters just aren't attracting shoppers - basking in the afternoon sunshine - in to buy. Many shopkeepers report reduced figures, even in the winter sales period, because people have no need for new winter wear and many shops are now selling spring fashions in an attempt to increase cash flow.

If you're planning a trip to Mallorca soon, then my tip is bring layers because the mornings and evenings can be quite chilly, though you can still enjoy an alfresco dining experience as many bars equip their terraces with toasty warm gas heaters.

Our photo shows the terrace at Cappuccino Puerto Portals in late January. Just how much would you like to be there with a thirst quenching Vermouth and a saucer of peanuts?