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By Toutatis, that's good beer!

The only authentic Belgian craft beer brewed in Mallorca

A Belgian architect, Michel Campioni, who has lived in Mallorca for 20 years believes that he has irrefutable proof that God exists and loves us. He (God not Campioni) wants us to be happy and has provided us with beer for that very purpose!

This is where our architect friend comes in, because he's turned his hobby into a beautiful business by brewing up four fantastic craft beers all under the brand name Toutatis, a Celtic God worshipped back when ancient Belgium was part of Roman Gaul.

The brews have been perfected over many years here in Mallorca and use only natural ingredients farmed with love on the island and Belgium itself, where the malt and hops originate. To continue the religious theme, the beers are made in the traditional method used for centuries by those master brewers themselves, Belgian monks.

toutatis microbrewery, sencelles, mallorca

Michel Campioni's HQ is an old wine cellar in Cas Canar, close to Sencelles. Used for wine production for centuries, it has now been converted into an ultra modern 'Beer Temple' which still retains many of the features of the old cellar and most of its areas are used in much the same way as years ago. The scale, space and architecture of the old building give it an almost church-like appearance which further strengthens the religious theme of the beer.

Having perfected the beers, production is now almost in full swing of the four distinct brews which are available and can be bought direct from the brewery online or sampled at the many good beer festivals which are springing up all over Mallorca.

So, in no particular order, our sermon for today includes La Blonde, which is just how I like my blondes; full-bodied, sweet and just a bit fruity! La Blanche is a refreshing, aromatic wheat beer, and on the way ever so soon are La Brune and La Fruitee which sound perfectly dark and just a little dangerous to me!

If you're interested in beer, and who isn't, then you can actually go along to worship at the Toutatis microbrewery at Cami Son Boi, Cas Canar, Sencelles, and actually see how this wonderful gift from God is produced! I'm in, are you? Contact Michel on info@toutatis.es or telephone +34 649 412 338 to confirm an available time for your visit.