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Cala Ratjada's promenade of art

Another giant, joyful art project for Cala Ratjada

The picturesque resort of Cala Ratjada over on the rugged east coast of Mallorca is certainly getting a well deserved reputation for giant art projects. Over the last few years the resort itself has been the gallery for large works of art by three artists; Joan Bennàssar, Gustavo, and Moisés Gil who have exhibited their very public creations on the sea shore, the harbour wall and the Cap Vermell cultural centre.

Now the three are combining their talents to create a 350 metre long multicoloured 'garden' along the Paseo Maritimo seafront promenade which is intended to show the ecological importance of the pollination of flowers by bees and other insects in preserving the world's ecosystem.

The artists themselves have done a few rough sketches which will be used by about 300 volunteer 'artists' young and old from the whole community who will complete the brightly coloured work in 25 metre stretches of the paseo. They'll have the help of over 30 'supervisors' as well as the artists who'll patrol the area giving help and advice.

Each individual will have a two or three square metre area in which to unleash their artistic creativity within the broad confines of the overall theme and design. They'll be using materials which will last throughout the heavy use the paseo gets in the summer and until its planned reform takes place at the end of the season.

gustavo in cala ratjada

Obviously we can't show you how it looks until after the work is completed but it's a fair bet that with the influence of Gustavo, and artist who moved to Cala Ratjada many years ago and whose work has a joyful, colourful, innocent theme which reminds me of the psychedelic 60's flower power art of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine, the paseo will be a joy to behold. Just have a look at the photos of Gustavo and his harbour side tile mural to see what I mean.

I can't wait to see it, and you?