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New parking for Es Trenc

Controlled, environmentally friendly parking at Es Trenc Beach

The stunningly beautiful coastline of Mallorca near the Salinas salt pans is rightly an enormous draw for visitors from near and far who want to enjoy its crystalline waters, soft white sand and backdrop of dunes and pine trees. Unfortunately, it is this very popularity that is slowly degrading the natural beauty of the Es Trenc beach area and its surroundings.

es trenc

To help put matters right, the Island Government is to introduce new parking areas for a total of 1500 cars for the area ranging from Sa Rapita, Es Trenc and Ses Covetes. The car parks will have strictly controlled exits and entrances to ensure that the cars and their owners do not do any unnecessary damage to the fragile environment of the area.

The move comes within the context of the declaration of the area as a natural park and because of the complicated paperwork involved will take some time to implement. However, once in place the new car parks will allow a "more active management" in the preservation of the land that "has been degraded" in recent years by the strong human pressure and erosion of the coastline, some of which has unbelievably been caused by people driving 4x4's over the dunes!

At the moment it is not known whether the car parks will be free or pay to park. I suspect the latter, and I certainly wouldn't mind paying a few Euros for parking knowing that my car was safe and that I was helping preserve one of the island's most emblematic beaches. How about you? 

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