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No More Bullfighting in Mallorca

Bullfighting will be illegal by summer

The campaign to outlaw the gory spectacle of bullfighting in Mallorca which has been slowly gaining ground over a number of years has finally achieved its ultimate goal. Almost 150,000 people have signed a petition organised by Mallorca Sense Sang (without blood) calling for an end to the unnecessary suffering of animals for sport or entertainment and the recently and newly elected socialist alliance which governs the island have just made good their promise to do this.

anti bullfight protest, mallorca

The Mallorca Parliament has just passed a new law which prohibits any form of suffering – stress, and emotional or physical pain - to animals which will come into force, all being well by June. Out will go bullfighting, and of the four events per year would normally take place in Palma, Muro, Alcudía and Inca, only Muro will go ahead as it is held in April, before the ratification of the law.

However the law covers more than just bullfighting, as it specifies that animals must not be used in fiestas, circuses and other spectacles where they are the object of 'death,torture, mistreatment, damage or suffering,' so out also goes a traditional part of the Fornalutx fiesta, the Correbou, held every September.

It involves a bull tied by the horns being dragged through the streets, taunted and goaded by large groups of people, and evidently (if you watch the videos) not really enjoying its role in the entertainment. Incredibly the socialists in that town are up in arms about the banning of the Correbou and the mayor has tried to save this vital part of the town's festivities by having it declared as an official part of the heritage of Fornalutx.

The vast majority of people in Mallorca and Spain itself, area against or have no interest in 'blood' sports and believe that the new ban is a step in the right direction to bring the country into line with other nations in the world.

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