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Record tourism year ahead

Tourist numbers to Mallorca higher than ever before

Mallorca is about to have a bumper year for tourism. The airport authorities have just made public the number of confirmed flights to the island from all over Europe and it's the highest number. From Easter to the end of October there are no less than 150,970 planes scheduled to arrive and depart from Palma airport!

On average that is 714 every day, or expressed even more staggeringly, a plane every two minutes, day and night during the next 7 months! The authorities have also calculated that this means that over 26 million passengers will pass through the airport doors – roughly about 13 million tourists – an increase of over 16% on last year, 2 million more people.

It's speculated that the big increase has come because of the problems in the Middle East, where bookings to Turkey are 65% down and of course North Africa. Tourist authorities are saying that hotels will soon be putting up their 'no vacancies' signs and that many of the extra tourists will be booking into private accommodation – villas and apartments – registered and unregistered in the busy July and August period.

cala millor, mallorca

Well, let's hope that everybody has a great time and that everyone doesn't decide to go to the same beach on the same day!