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Cala Ratjada: Let there be light

Fantastic new stained glass windows for the church

The picturesque resort of Cala Ratjada must surely be one of the most joyously colourful places in all Mallorca thanks to the efforts of local artist Gustavo Peñalver. His brightly hued, simply works of art have brightened up the resort and made people extremely happy just to gaze upon them. We've recently seen his tile 'mosaic' design on the harbour wall, and the painting of a 350 metre long stretch of the promenade there.

All good stuff, and now you'll be pleased to hear that Gustavo is on a mission from God. The parish church in Cala Ratjada, Nuestra Señora del Carmen, was looking a bit worse for wear. The stained glass windows were leaking and didn't really let enough light into the church and badly needed replacing.

The church rector immediately thought of Gustavo as the man to come up with a new scheme for the windows incorporating modern technology and modern design for an ancient religious theme. As you can see from the photo, Gustavo's art really brings the windows to life and illustrates the themes of the evocation of the apostles' faith, Adam and Eve, The Wise Men and the Sybil. If you look carefully you can see the local landmark lighthouse behind the wise men.

cala ratjada church windows

Not only will the new windows bathe the church in beautiful luminosity when the sun comes up, but will also better control both the heat and acoustics in the church, and are made of safety glass and have UPVC frames so that they will last for much longer. They're due to be installed very soon so that the local Roman Catholic community and foreign residents and visitors who use the church for various protestant services.

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