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Mallorca: World's 6th best island

Tripadvisor readers love Mallorca

The giant travel information site Tripadvisor has conducted yet another survey amongst its millions of users, this time asking a few pertinent questions about their favourite islands, and Mallorca has done remarkably well. The knowledgeable travellers considered it to be the best island in Spain, the second best in Europe (behind Madeira) and the sixth best in all the world.

Well, what were the world rankings? Here we go; Maui, Santorini, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Bali, Mallorca, Phuket, Bora Bora, and Fernando de Noronha. So well done to Mallorca, though it's obvious to see why it's so popular – its beaches, scenery, mountains, seas, countryside, resorts, hotels, food, restaurants and wide range of activities make it truly a multi-faceted island.

So what better excuse could I have to put up a gallery of photos to illustrate just what a wonderful place Mallorca is? Our photographer from Ibiza Spotlight, Pete Young, captured some great images on his first trip to Mallorca, which he says definitely won't be his last. What do you think of them?