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Royal gardens open to the public

The gardens of the Royal Family's Marivent Palace to go public?

It's looking more and certain that one of Palma's big, green spaces will open for the benefit of the public this year. There's been much speculation over the last few months that the gardens of the Marivent Palace, the summer home of the Spanish Royal family will be thrown open to we commoners and it looks fairly certain that it will finally happen.

marivent palace

The left wing political parties which now control the island have been more and more concerned about the amount of money spent maintaining the palace and gardens – over 30,000 square metres of them – and have already reduced the budget for this. The current court case involving the King's sister, the ex Duchess of Palma, has not helped matters.

It's not yet known when the change will take place, or in fact any details like opening hours or admission charges, but I'm convinced that it will be well worth a visit. The palace itself started life as a private house in the 30's by Guillermo Forteza Piña for the wealthy Greek/Egyptian painter Juan de Saridakis.

When he died, the house was left to the Mallorcan authorities to be used as a museum, but ceded to the royals in 1973 who have used it ever since as a summer residence for both holidays and official duties. Famous visitors received there include Prince Charles, Princess Diana and their two sons, and Michelle Obama, the first lady of the USA.

So, if you fancy being a prince or princess for a day, get along to Marivent and spend some quality time in what is a superb 'green lung' in a very popular, built up area just along the coast from Palma city centre.