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Spring Street Food I

The food trucks roll into the Port of Alcudia

We certainly love our gastronomic fashions and fads here in Spain. Not so long ago designer Gin and Tonic was the drink of choice, coming up fast on the rails are 'craft' Vermouths, and now well established in Mallorca are the food trucks.

Don't let the word trucks fool you, because anything on wheels – caravans, motor homes, bicycles and indeed, trucks – can be the perfect mobile kitchen for today's funky, modern take on traditional Mallorcan cuisine with a stateside street food twist.

This now burgeoning sector of the Mallorcan cuisine scene goes just where the action is and this weekend will be rolling into the Port of Alcudia for a fun for all festival lasting three days called 1er Street Food Primavera. As the name implies, it's the first such fiesta in Alcudia, but hopefully not the last.

street food in mallorca

It's all happening on the resort's Paseo Maritimo promenade near the tourist information office on Friday 22nd April (17 to 23,) Saturday 23rd (10 to 23) and Sunday 24th (10 to 20,) when eight travelling kitchens will pull into town. The food is full of wholesome goodness and ranges from sweets, burgers, dogs, tapas a la nouvelle cuisine and gourmet ice cream so you can get yourself a three course meal on the go! Oh, nearly forgot, G&Ts and Vermouths are available too!

Aside from the food, there will be a craft market, kids' entertainment and a big programme of live and recorded music for our pleasure featuring Big Yuyu, Damia Oliver, Long Time No Swing, Lili's House, Zelisko Band, Woodpeckers Duo and a phalanx of DJs – so something for everybody.

If you're staying down Alcudia way then this is a slice of local life not to be missed. See you there?