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Arta Beer Festival II

Beer, beer, and more beer, plus lots of food and live music!

Our wish is coming true. Last year we hoped that Arta's first big beer festival would be just one of many, and we're pleased to announce that the second one takes place next weekend and will be even bigger and better than the first! Over 2000 people tasted some quality beers from Mallorca, Spain and some quite exotic destinations like Huddersfield which provided 60 different types of beer to sample.

anxious faces at arta beer festival

This year, there are even more beers on offer with 80 different casks and beers from as far away as the USA which produces some really tasty craft beers. The dates for your diary are Friday and Saturday, the 3rd and 4th of June in the lovely surroundings of the Na Batlesa cloistered courtyard right in the centre of Arta next to the theatre.Now the most staggeringly important part of the festival will be the prices, and they are staggeringly low; each beer from the 12 (yes twelve) pumps on the bar – though judging from the anxious looks on our photo 12 just wasn't enough - is a wallet soothing €2! The only other cost is €2 to hire your beer glass for the evening just to make everything that much easier to remember.

The organisers, Malalts de Birra, have obviously quaffed a few ales in their time, and knowing its hunger inducing qualities have provided mountains of finger food – no messing about with knives, forks and plates – to graze on throughout the festival. I'd hazard that the pinchos on offer will cost about €2, though that's just a guess.

pinchos at arta beer festival

It all starts at 19:00 on Friday when the bar opens for business and finishes with a flourish with the Onion Rabbits playing live from 23:00. On Saturday we have all day from 11:00 and live music from Chai and the Shadow of Motown at 19:00 and Chevy's Band at 23:00.

If you can't be there at the weekend and you'd like to try some of the beers, the bars and restaurants around Arta will have many of them on tap for the whole week before the festival

So, will we see you there?