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Palma Cathedral – view from the top

Cathedral roof to open to the public.

By the end of this year visitors to Palma Cathedral, known as La Seu, will be able to get some of the best views in the whole of the city as the roof will finally open to the public. I say finally, as for several years now the visits have been mooted,announced and then postponed with the last statement having last Easter as the start date.

palma cathedral

Now the Bishopric of Mallorca have announced that the visits will start towards the end of this year and because of the nature of the roof will be organised, guided tours lasting around 45 to 50 minutes which will take in the enormous bell tower, the famous stained glass 'rose' window and of course the fabulous views of the city and coast beneath. Fancy it? Then be prepared, because there are 209 steps up to the top, so not for the faint hearted or acrophobic!

La Seu's roof has been open before, but only with special permission, and if you would like to see how and why, take a look at this commercial for Captain Morgan Rum shot on location in Palma and the cathedral roof!

See you up there?