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Mallorca in the movies

Jean Reno stars in the new Estrella Damm beer ad

Every year the tourist authorities throughout Spain's Mediterranean coast and islands look forward to the annual Estrella Damm beer advertisement. Always set in this area – the company is based in Barcelona – the ads are regarded as a great help to the tourist industry because of the stunning locations used for the shoots.

Over the years the productions have grown in length and stature from a normal couple of minutes ad slot to be shown between TV programmes to a mini film with well known Hollywood stars. Last year Dakota Johnson pulled out all the stops playing a slim young woman having fun drinking beer with slim young men in Ibiza.

jean reno drinks estrella damm

This year's ad has just been released on Youtube and features another Hollywood star, Frenchman (with Spanish ancestry) Jean Reno and was shot on location in Mallorca. The plot involves Reno (Leon: The Professional, The Pink Panther, Mission Impossible) playing a Bond-like character who fluffs his lines during filming and is forced to kick his heels in Mallorca for 4 days until a vital piece of kit for the production arrives.

Our hero is a sophisticated actor, accustomed to staying in the best hotels (the Hospes Maricel, which was also used in The Night Manager) and the best food and drink. Enter our heroine, Laia Costa, who has all the attributes normally associated with Estrella's ads – young, slim, fun-loving – who proceeds to show the old geezer that life is not about nice hotels and sophisticated food, but - you've guessed it – drinking beer at every possible occasion with no ill effects whilst having the best fun ever to a plinky-plonky indie-pop soundtrack.

Anyway, as the actual road to Damascus was unavailable as a film location, some superb locations were used in Mallorca instead. Cala Figuera is the main one we see in the wedding-with-only-beer-to-drink scenes, the road to Sa Calobra is the spectacular winding way though I can't for the life of me identify the beach with the chiringuito where they, er, drink beer.

Well, have a look at the video – it's really well shot – and remember, if ever you are a famous actor and forget your lines, just drink beer!