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Nautical Palma: Superyacht Cup XX

Twenty-two magnificent sailing yachts at full stretch

Another big regatta starts today, Wednesday, in Palma. It's the Superyacht Cup's 20th edition and sees some beautiful vessels, old and new, in full sail in the Bay of Palma. The organisers love Palma - "Competitive yacht racing, a relaxed informal social programme and the perfect location for superyachts - it does not get any better!" - and Palma loves them, as tourist bosses say the event will bring in an extra €4.4 million to the city.

eleonora superyacht

So, what's happening? From today 22 superyachts, some of the biggest in the world, from 24 to 60 metres in length will be competing on a daily basis until Saturday 25th. Their base is the new, super swish Moll Vell development in Palma overlooked by the city's cathedral, where a special Superyacht village has been set up for socialising.

If you want to go and take a peek at these sleek vessels (including the Eleonora in our photo) at anchor, then the morning and evening is best as during the day they'll be cutting glamorously through the seas in hot competition. Their crews have come from all over the world to compete and with about 600 of them – made up of sailors and support staff – you can see the value of the event to the city.

There's a complete programme of the event and details of all the yachts on the , together with some stunning action photos which really do illustrate what a stunning site the races must be. Don't forget your binoculars if you're going!