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Fantastic concert at Canyamel

Celtic music meets Gothic style in Mallorca

The beautiful Torre de Canyamel on Mallorca's east coast is hosting a brilliant concert of Spanish Celtic music tomorrow evening. If you've never heard of Canyamel, here's a potted history of the tower I wrote earlier;

“Built almost 800 years ago by the victorious Catalans after their reconquest of Mallorca from the Moors, the Torre de Canyamel defence tower has stood dominating the fertile countryside near Cala Ratjada since 1237. However its name is not as old as the symmetrically square defence tower itself – Canyamel means sugar cane (literally tube of honey) and became so known after that crop was introduced to the area many years later.

torre de canyamel

Originally a defence against raiding pirates, the tower became outmoded by the new technology of gunpowder, the medieval equivalent of weapons of mass destruction, and then used more as a shelter and a home. Nowadays it is a wonderful gallery and events centre with dinners, galas, films (projected onto the tower's walls) and concerts being held there.”

Tomorrow, Friday 8th July, you get the chance to enjoy its splendid architecture and facilities as well as some superb music as the Galician piper Carlos Núñez, once described as 'the Hendrix of the bagpipes' plays a concert there at 21:30.

Núñez has been playing the pipes, and the folk music of Spain's Celtic fringe – Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria on the green Atlantic coast - since he was a child and has brought a modern, rock-like feel to his music no doubt inspired by collaborations with Ireland's Chieftains, Ry Cooder and Sinead O'Connor!

He's sold millions of records over his career and is one of Spain's most highly regarded musicians on a world scale. If you are inspired to see him after watching the video, there are tickets still on sale via this link.