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Ruta del Llonget – buns on the run

Tasty sandwiches for all, at low, low prices!

Visitors to Palma over the next few months get a chance to sample one of the city's favourite pit stop foods, the Llonguet, a bread roll crammed with tasty local ingredients, ideal for a quick and filling snack when touring the sights of Palma. Called the Ruta del Llonguet, it's a council backed initiative of the city's bread and pastry makers to promote their excellent wares to an appreciative public.

fornet de la soca

Last year, 43 bakeries took part in the sandwich fest which gave everyone a chance to fill up with a Llonguet and a drink for just €2.50, an offer which had people queuing out of the doors and which caused some disquiet amongst local restaurants who took umbrage at what they considered unfair competition.

This year, 49 bakeries are taking part and will have the tasty rolls on offer every Wednesday from tomorrow, 20th July until 26th October. Detailed information about who, what and where is available on special brochures in Palma's tourist information offices. Better still there's a Google map which you can keep on your smart phone which will guide you to the nearest Llonguet, but unfortunately not the nearest wild Pokemon!

Here's a little background information on this little bread roll, which I wrote a while ago;

“the Llonguet is a key part of the Mediterranean diet, a small bread 'roll,' oval shaped, longer than it is wide, hence the name Llonguet (long.) Made with a little salt, having a soft crust and a groove along the top it's ideal for making sandwiches and has been really popular in Mallorca since it was imported from the Catalan mainland in the 40's and 50's.”

Many of the bakeries involved in the Ruta have been established for decades, and some much longer, and are an integral part of the communities they serve. I chose our photo from one of my personal favourites, Fornet de la Soca on the far end of Carrer Sant Jaume near the Ramblas who as well as delicious bread, serve up some of the best pies – meat and vegetable – I've ever eaten. Look them up if you're shopping in Palma.