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All aboard the night tram

Summer night tram service in Soller

A new late night tram service starts tomorrow, 12th August, and runs until the 31st of the month so that 'revellers' in both Soller and Puerto de Soller can travel between the two until after midnight. Called Tramnit, (night tram) it's a nice idea for the high summer and has been made possible by the tram company's staff volunteering to work the extra hours!

puerto soller trams

The old trams – they started running in 1913 – are one of the major tourist attractions of the area with around a million people travelling on them every year. The journey encompasses a ride by the seaside, fields of orange groves backed by towering (and sometimes snow-capped) mountains and a route through the streets of Soller.

Built by the engineer Pere Garau, who now has a Plaza bearing his name in Palma, the tramway has a 3 feet gauge (the same as the Isle of Man trams) and covers a distance of nearly 5 kilometres and calls at 17 halts between the town and the port.

It's a fascinating trip through both the countryside and history, as the old carriages are still lit by old brass lamps and must make great photo opportunities for passengers and customers in bars and restaurants alongside the tracks at night.

A ticket will cost you €6 and details of the timetable will be available online from 12th August on the Soller Tram Website.