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Longer break for the Soller Train

Repairs to the tunnel roof

The over 100-year-old Soller train's tracks, signals and infrastructure requires essential maintenance every year, and as it's one of Mallorca's most popular tourist attractions, this is normally done in December and January when tourist numbers are much lower than in summer.

soller train

This year the annual shut down will last for around three months from 7th November until early February as some vital work has to be carried out in the line's longest tunnel, the 2,876 metre underground stretch which bores through the Sierra d´Alfàbia mountains.

The rail company's technicians had spotted some structural changes to the roof of the tunnel last year – measured only in millimetres, but nevertheless significant – and have been monitoring the situation since then. The shift in the structure had been caused by the drought conditions that Mallorca has experienced recently, and with little rain this year, the tunnel situation has worsened.

The work will involved constructing a new vaulted cement roof for the tunnel along a 50 metre length which has been worst affected. The rail company stress that the slight structural movement doesn't present any danger but is obviously better fixed than left.

So, if you want to experience a trip back in time on the train's old wooden carriages with shiny brass lamps, you've still got plenty of time this year. It's a fascinating journey through fields of almond trees, through tunnels under mountains, and with spectacular views of the town of Soller as it winds down the slopes within touching distance of thousands of orange trees.

It's a great excursion, don't miss it if you're in Mallorca.