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Mobipalma mark dos

Update to the public and private transport app for Palma

Way back in February 2015 we told you about a very useful app for getting about Palma either on public transport or driving your own car. Called Mobipalma, it's available in both VHS and Betamax (or Android and IOS as they are now called) as a completely FREE download to your mobile smart device and comes in 4 useful languages; Catalan, Spanish, English and German.

Using super duper internet technology it can help you plan your way across the city from A to B, taking in X, Y and Z by any combination of transport!

Bus – It plans your route in advance, showing the nearest bus stops and using real time information will give a warning as the bus is approaching the stop.

Bicipalma – the app displays where the nearest bike hire station is and how many bikes are available there

Car – You can see at a glance where the nearest car parks are, and the number of available spaces in them, as well as a whole series of traffic webcams showing the flow (or lack of it) of traffic in the city.

jaime iii webcam

And now the latest version of the app includes

Taxi – The taxi rank nearest to you is displayed as well as a list of taxi phone numbers to ring automatically.

Mobipalma will quite happily plan a route for you from your car park to wherever utilising the quickest combination of all four above. Remember that the Bicipalma bike hire scheme is now easily available to tourists on a short term visit, so what are you waiting for, just click install on the Mobipalma app and get travelling!

Note: I was up rather early this morning to get the screen grab of the very unbusy Jaime III in Palma as you can see in the photo. I think I need a holiday.