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BiciPalma Expansion

More bikes and parking stations for Palma's mobility scheme

Palma council has invested another tranche of money in its successful bike mobility scheme, BiciPalma. The city's scheme is like the hundreds of others in the world's cities which aim to provide ecological transport for all in congested city centres by proving bikes for short term hire on hops around the city.

bicipalma parking station

Palma's scheme has been growing slowly but surely and is available not only to residents but also to visitors who can sign up for the duration of their stay for a small amount. Just this week the council announced – to coincide with European Mobility Week - that 5 new parking stations were to be opened together with 193 new bikes. At a cost of almost €200,000 it will bring the number of parking stations to 37, with space for 660 bikes.

If you're a tourist, the bikes are a perfect way to zip around town seeing the sights, particularly as the council are introducing more and more bike lanes, and with the use of the Mobipalma app on your smart phone, you can check where the bikes are and what parking is available.

You can read more about Bicipalma in four languages on the official website.