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Ecotax = more water?

Plans to spend €30 million on the water system

It's the first year of the new sustainable tourism tax, known to one and all and the Ecotax, and plans are now being drawn up on how to spend it next year. If you didn't already know, the tax was introduced earlier this year for all adult (over 16) visitors to Mallorca and the other Balearic islands, who now have to pay between €1 and €2 per night each depending on the type of accommodation, but with discounted rates for longer and out of season stays.

gorg blau reservoir

Moves are now afoot to spend a great deal of the first tranche of the Ecotax on much needed improvements to the water system of the island which is under real strain at the moment as our photo of the Gorg Blau reservoir, now at only 30% of its capacity, shows.

There has been little rain for what seems like ages and combined with the enormous drain on water resources just by the very presence of so many more people this year local councils have been forced into taking fairly drastic measures to preserve water reserves – cutting supply to beach showers and even some residential areas.

Statistics show that the water used by holidaymakers is much more than local people and in the case of luxury, five star tourists, each one uses about 5 or 6 times more than a local inhabitant. This isn't because they spend all holiday showering, but because of all the services provided to them – cleaning, laundry, food, and so on – which eat up supplies.

The water infrastructure plan has now been officially approved, and is much needed, not just because of the extra demands but also because of the inefficiency of the current system which loses a high percentage of water through leaks.

So, now you know where your money's going, do you think it's a good plan?