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EU funds for Mallorca beaches?

Euro money to help preserve our natural beaches?

It's 11 years since the Balearic Government last received any money from Europe to help preserve the extremely beautiful natural beaches of the islands which have become a bit of an endangered species since the advent of mass tourism.

sa canova beach, arta

However, this year the Government's Ministry of the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries has submitted a programme to create a sustainable management system that focuses on the areas of Es Trenc-Salobrar in Campos, Mondragó in Santanyí and sa Canova in Artà, to the 'Life Europe' scheme in order to obtain funds.

The aim is to preserve the pristine beaches in their natural state by natural methods such as preserving the Posidonia aquatic plant which cleans and filters the sea water and prevents beach sand and dunes being washed away. This holistic approach to preservation envisages reducing the pressure on beaches by limiting the number of visitors and hence road traffic, pollution, occupation of space and the number of boats whose anchors damage the posidonia.

It's a tough job finding the right balance to protect fragile and valuable ecosystems on an island whose economy relies on mass tourism. You can read more about the work of environmental protectionists on this Facebook page from where our photo of sa Canova originates.