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Keep Mallorca tidy

Help to keep our pristine beaches pristine

There's nothing like a pristine beach to stretch out and relax on during your hard earned break from workaday routine. Unfortunately because of the irresponsibility of some people, Es Carbo beach near Colonia de Sant Jordi was nothing like pristine last weekend when volunteers from Greenpeace (photos) and Friends of the Earth arrived to clean it up.

rubbish at es carbo

They were there to highlight the dangers to the environment of waste plastic and other materials if they are not disposed of carefully and they found lots of evidence of irresponsibility on the golden sands. In just a couple of hours they collected sackfuls of junk including; 200 cotton buds, 640 plastic bottle tops, 300 pieces of twine from nets, 20 food jars, 70 plastic bottles, 30 glasses, 40 straws, 30 pop cans, 20 cigarette lighters, 100 litres of polystyrene and loads of paper, wipes and tampons!

Now, a good deal of this can be blamed on the beach users themselves, but not all, as some of the items found on the shore had obviously been fetched up by the currents judging by the labels from Morocco and Italy. However, the lesson for us all is that if we want to enjoy a lovely clean beach, then we all – both individuals and the authorities - have to take some responsibility for its condition by disposing of our rubbish properly.

We have so many beautiful beaches here in Mallorca for all to enjoy, let's make an effort to keep them clean, it's not difficult.