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Get smart with Mallorca Transport

Smart bus stops for Mallorca

The public transport system in Mallorca is enormous and complex with one authority, TIB, responsible for the trains, metro, bicycles and buses. The buses alone – and this doesn't include the capital Palma which has its own bus system – cover over 100 routes in summer using no less than 900 bus stops.

Currently these stops contain only static information, a timetable stuck on a post which gives a rough (and sometimes) complicated idea of when the buses will be arriving and where they're going. However, that's all about to change – gradually- as the governing bodies of Mallorca have announced a programme to upgrade the bus stops in line with the 'Smart island Mallorca' intitiative.

What this means is that the stops will become much more intelligent and user friendly with the aid of solar powered information panels which will not only pinpoint the location of the buses and when they will be arriving, but also supplementary information about the main tourist and cultural attractions which can be reached on those services. And this information will also be available on our smart phones at the stops by way of QR codes or NFC so we can take it with us as we travel along!

The authorities have identified the 200 bus stops most popular and most used by tourists in the summer time and these will be the first to be 'smartened up' in the programme so that we can all find interesting aspects like local markets, hiking routes and sites of ecological interest on our stay in Mallorca. The timescale for all the work envisages a 2019 completion date!

Meanwhile, you can take a look at the official TIB website which has all the static info you might need to plan your way around Mallorca without a hire car.