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Valldemostra 2016

A weekend of shopping, food, drink, music and more in Valldemossa

There are just so many reasons to visit Valldemossa, Mallorca's highest village nestling in the folds of the Tramuntana mountains; the Carthusian monastery where Chopin and Sand stayed, the royal palace, the birthplace of Santa Catalina and the extremely picturesque streets of the town itself. It's certainly a pretty place to see, with sweeping vistas down the valley towards Palma and the sea and now wonder that it is currently nominated to be amongst 'the seven rural wonders of Spain.'

Well, this weekend there are several more reasons to be in Valldemossa as the town's business people have organised a big shindig to bring yet more visitors in. The idea is obviously to promote the shops, bars, cafes and restaurants of the town as well as local products

.a street in valldemossa

To do this there will be lots of specials offers and side events to bring in the crowds; a big 'stocks outlet market' with 20 businesses selling off fashion, accessories, jewellery, presents, shoes and craft items. To help us stay the pace, 11 eateries will be offering special low price menus and the town's bakeries have some rather special sweet, sticky delicacies typical of Valldemossa for us all.

As well as this, there's a competition for the best savoury cocas ( a kind of bready pizza) an olive oil tasting, a wine tasting, live swing and local music and an exhibition of vintage cars and motorbikes in the monastery square. It all starts at 10:00 on Saturday 29th October and finishes at 18:00 on Sunday 30th and whatever time you go , you'll find something interesting to do (and eat.)

So why call it Valldemostra? Easy, mostra means show in Spanish, so Valldemostra is the Valldemossa show. See you there?